“Dear old lady…. it is almost time to say goodbye. Thank you so much for being a home for a lot of people over the years. You hold many…so many great memories for us and so many others!! You saw us laugh, cry, be happy, be sad, be angry, eat, drink, dance and many things more!! Staff and guest came and went…. but you were always there…. in their name…..thank you for that!!!! The time is here now to move on!! Please never forget…we will make new memories and stories….but the old ones will always remain!!!
We will be back in April!!!

“Querido viejo amigo. Es hora de decir adiós. Montones de gracias por ser un hogar para tanta gente a lo largo de estos años. Has albergado tanto…tantos buenos recuerdos para nosotros y muchos otros!! Nos has visto reír, llorar, ser felices, estar tristes o enfadados, comer, beber, bailar y tantas cosas más!! El personal y los clientes vinieron y se fueron pero tú siempre estuviste ahí. En sus nombres…..gracias por todo!! Ha llegado el momento de seguir adelante. Por favor, nunca olvides que nuevas historias y recuerdos vendrán, pero los antiguos siempre perdurarán.
Volveremos en Abril!!!!


Welcome to Palm Beach!

Palm Beach is not only a beach bar, but also a sports bar. Located at one end of Estepona’s main beach, Playa de la Rada, it’s located close to the supermarket Carrefour. Right behind the bar there is a big PARKING for easy access. During the day you can also park by Carrefour and walk along the promenade to Palm Beach.

The bar features 5 tv’s and shows all the major sports events from football to tennis to rugby. On game day´s you can be assured of meeting lots of people, who are interested in sports, but you can also enjoy a great lunch with a nice glass of  wine or just enjoy the view and sip on a tasty cocktail.IMG_0092


Palm Beach has a combination of a nice relaxed beach bar and a good international kitchen.

In summer you can rent a sunbed, enjoy the sun, swim, and sip on one our excellent cocktails. Unlike many other Chiringuitos (beach bars), Palm Beach stays open in winter and keeps patrons warm with patio heaters. For those of us living on the coast, we know that there are many sunny days in winter and it’s wonderful to be able to have a place directly on the beach, where you can enjoy a spectacular view, good food, a drink and feel that summer is just around the corner!!


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